Celebrating a decade of roasting by teaching others

It has been ten years since I for the first time first heated up the burner, loaded the green beans in the hopper and started to roast coffee. Controlling the fire, adjusting the speed of the heat transfer to fit to the beans need, listening to the first crack, see the beans browning and smelling the coffee once it hits the cooling bin has become a craft I master. 

The feeling the first day was not of control though, more of panic. I can still remember it. I had no-one to guide me but plenty of people watching, and I just had to fake that I knew what I was doing. (It went well, the coffee got brown.) What better way do celebrate a decade of rosting than by teaching others the craft? Giving others the novel experience of roasting their first batch. And, of course, give them the chance to feel nervous and out of control, but with someone experienced by their side. 

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A month a ago I opened twelve spots over three days for anyone not experienced with roasting who would like to bring home their own coffee. They filled fast and I look forward to meet my apprentices Malin, Karl-Graham, Alexander, Michael, Eva, Axel, Otto, Johan, Madeleine, Per-Johan, Patrick och Fredrik. This will be fun. Today is the first day, wish them good luck with their first batch and me good luck in the ten years yet to come.

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December 04, 2017


Mitt namn är Päv och jag undrar ifall ni ska anordna fler lärlingsskaffetillfällen?

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