Looking back at 2017

The year that just passed was a busy one. . It is now five (!) years since I started the roastery and woke the Coffee Fox to life. It feels so … WOW! If I was a coffee shrub, I would now give my first yield.

Here is an attempt to summarize the main parts of 2017:

  • The roastery have grown and we are more in numbers. I hired Marius as a roaster in February and he is now full time handling the main part of orders and production. My partner Susanna has also grown into the company and manage all quality control in the production. 
  • When I started up five years ago I sourced some of my greens myself and got other lots from selected traders. During the last year I managed to handle all my import myself and source 100% of my coffee from partners at origin. This is a great step for me!
  • I have started a small sourcing company, Per Nordby Green, to share my contacts and sell part of my greens to other roasters in Europe. This is exciting and feels big.
  • I have visited, or been visited by partners and producers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica throughout the year. Many meetings with great people.
  • I have celebrated that I have been a coffee roaster for 10 years. I did this by teaching the craft to others. It was basically a roasting course where the attendee picked a coffee from my offerings at the cupping table and then roasted it themselves, with my supervision. This was unexpectedly fun. 
  • I have had a café, for the first time in the five years with the roastery. Located down town Gothenburg and open for the last two months of the year. It was fun to end the five year era by meeting the consumer and help them find their pick among beans, origins and brew methods.

I have been busy, and I can feel it. But what a luxury to be busy with so many fun things. Looking forward to the new year that just started. For me, it is also the start of a new five year run. 


10 years as a roaster, 5 years as a Coffee Fox. As I said in the beginning it feels so … wow. And I will celebrate this in the best way I can imagine: by taking a vacation with my family. We have already landed in Costa Rica to relax before it is time to look forward to whats to come.

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