Kafferäven Per Nordby is a speciality coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. We love tasty coffee and want you to enjoy every single cup of it too.

A cup of coffee always starts with a cherry on a shrub. We look for producers that share our passion for coffee and take pride in their work. Our experience is that passionate people will make the effort it takes to make a coffee special. The taste of the cup tells a story of its origin and the people behind it. 

We constantly seek more knowledge on brewing, roasting, farming and processing, and I meet wonderful people who are eager to share their knowledge. When we started Kafferäven Per Nordby in 2013 we had a clear goal: To source, roast and share the best coffee we could, and never cut back on quality. That goal has not changed.

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 +46 31 44 31 00 
 Korpralsgatan 2, Göteborg, Sweden


We import all our coffee ourself from farmers, millers and exporters we know as friends. We work with the same producers year after year and travel annually to meet with our partners at origin.

We work with farmers that have a sustainable business regarding planet, people and profit. We buy coffee with a high quality and individual taste profile. You can always trace the coffee you buy from us back to whoever grew it. It is people we know and respect, and who know us. 


We buy green coffee of high quality, so we wish to preserve every coffees individual taste profile as much as possible when roasting.

We roast to develop every coffee in its own unique way. A good roast will maximise the sweetness, keep the coffee transparent and balanced, and give a clean aftertaste. When you drink our coffee, you will taste the altitude, variety, process and climate where it grew. 

We use a 15 kg Loring Smart Roast as this is the only roaster that can give us the control we need of the roast process. We use Cropster to analyse the roast process both during and after the process is done. These tools help us roast your coffee better. Of course, having 15+ years in the business and thousands of batches experience also help us in the craft of roasting.







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