AeroPress is known for its simplicity. It is an immersion method which means that instead of dripping, the coffee is steeping inside the device. The pressure helps getting a lot of the aromatics out of the coffee giving a creamy and tasty coffee

What you need
AeroPress device
AeroPress paper filter
    Recipe for one cup
    15 grams / 2 tablespoons freshly ground coffee
    230 grams / xxx centiliters of hot water at 91-94 C / xxxx F.
      Brewing time
      2 minutes
        How to brew

        1.Grind the coffee
        Remember that freshly ground beans are the key to great coffee. Grind the coffee about as fine as table salt.

        2.Prepare the AeroPress
        Place the paper filter in the aeropress basket and rinse it with hot water. This is to get rid of any paper flavour and to warm up the device. Then screw the basket back on the bottom of your aeropress and place it on top of your coffee mug. Keep in mind that you will need to press the plunger down, so avoid delicate glass servers. If you are using a scale – place the mug and AeroPress on the scale and set the scale to zero.

        3.Add coffee and water
        Put the 15 grams or about 2 tablespoons of coffee in the AeroPress. Set the scale to zero again. Pour all the 230 grams of water over the coffee as quickly as you can. Spin the device or stir gently if needed to saturate all the grounds.

        4.Place the plunger and wait
        Place the plunger on top of your aeropress and pull it upwards a little bit, to create a vacuum effect. This also helps to avoid dripping. Let it steep for 1:30 minutes. 5. Plunge After 1:30, start pressing the plunger down – slowly and steady – for about 30 seconds or until you hear a hissing sound. Do not press the plunger all the way down because that can give some extra bitterness into the cup, as if squeezing wet coffee grounds. Stop about 1 centimeter above the coffee grounds.

        Take away the AeroPress and enjoy your coffee! Clean the AeroPress by simply removing the used coffee grounds and filter. Clean the plunger with hot water and you are ready for your next brew.

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