4 x 200 gram coffee beans from Nicaragua. Four different process methods from the same farm.

Roasted in Gothenburg. We send up to two weeks rested coffee when available and roast on order when needed. We ship within a week from ordering. Free shipping Sweden on orders over 300kr.


COUNTRY Nicaragua  REGION Dipilto, Nueva Segovia VARIETY Caturra PROCESS Various experimental lots fermented under oxygen deprivation in a temperature controlled environment and dried in cherry / mucilage / pergamino  MANAGER Benito Bautista 

This box contains four selected lots from El Árbol. All lots come from Caturra variety grown on the same part of the farm. But after harvest they are treated quite differently. None of these four lots have a traditional post-harvest process. Instead they are the results of innovative experiments which influence the taste profiles in different directions. 


El Árbol is located in Dipilto, a region in northern Nicaragua. This region became famous when Dipilto farmers won the prestigious competition Cup of Excellence year after year. The climate and altitude in Dipilto has the best conditions in Nicaragua for a great cup of coffee, if picked ripe and carefully treated after harvest.

El Árbol is, unlike most other coffee farms, not passed down from generation to generation of coffee farmers. Unique for El Árbol is that the farm is run and owned by a group of friends in the coffee business, and I was one of them. Me and my friends bought the farm 2015 with the ambition to change the coffee chain and experiment with post harvest processing steps like drying and fermentation. 

The altitude on El Árbol is 1150-1300 meters, a decent altitude but not enough to get the really cold nights that gives a high complexity in the cup. This is why El Árbol focus on ge􏰀tting the highest possible quality from the plants growing on the farm, while also planting varieties new to the region to evaluate how they taste. 

The high ambitions, the regional micro climate and our experiments with the post harvest processes all contribute to increase the complexity and create an interesting taste variations. Even though I no longer am a partner in the farm I still look forward to buy, roast and taste the lots created there. This is the fourth harvest from El Árbol. Enjoy! /Per

All four lots are fermented under oxygen deprivation in a temperature controlled environment; some in cherry, others in mucilage and some in pergamino. 

El Árbol Lot #1 
Cherries are de-pulped, fermented for 20 hours, washed and dried in parchment. Total drying time 14 days.

El Árbol Lot #2 
Cherries are fermented for 72 hours, de-pulped and dried in mucilage.
Total drying time 20 days.

El Árbol Lot #3
Cherries are fermented for 240 hours, de-pulped and dried in mucilage. Total drying time 28 days.

El Árbol Lot #4
Cherries are fermented for 384 hours, and dried in cherry. Totalt drying time 34 days.


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