250 gram coffee beans from Nicaragua. Creamy, juicy, raw cacao, caramel. Roasted in Gothenburg the same week as shipment.

COUNTRY Nicaragua  REGION Dipilto, Nueva Segovia  ALTITUDE 1150-1300 masl VARIETY Caturra PROCESS Washed Anaerobic  MANAGERS Benito & Juan Bautista


ABOUT Finca el Árbol is a young farm in Dipilto. A lot of energy is put into making El Árbol a place to enjoy for anyone working there. Environment is another focus, and this year 400 different fruits and food crop is planted on the farm to create a sustainable and alive eco system on the farm. A wide range of plants attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, and give the soil lots of organic material. Finally, el Árbol focus on getting a descent production of high quality. Focused farm- and process-development is done to increase quality, control consistency and create variety of flavours. Many experiments are made with post-harvest process.

This is one of four lots we got from el Árbol this year.

LOT #812 POST HARVEST PROCESS Cherries are floated & washed, sealed in CO2 flushed container for 7 days, depulped and fermented in open container for 15hrs, washed and graded, pre-dried at the farm on african beds down to 18% in solar drier with constant airflow, finished in drymill on african beds. total drying time 15 days.


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