Tias kokkaffe kettle

Do you want to brew better kokkaffe at home? Or in the woods? The Tias kettle is your friend.

Internationally renown industrial designer Tias Eckhoff received an award in design for his original kettle back in 1964. The iconic design has proved to be timeless in its appearance. His kettle is now being brought back to life in a refined version through a collaboration between Tias’ daughter, Sigrid Eckhoff and coffee professional Ola Brattås. In this redesign of this icon, its historic beauty is preserved whilst the function and convenience of the Tias Kettle is improved.

The Tias kettle work for all stoves, induction, ceramic, gas or electric. And of course over open fire. The flow restrictor prevents grounds to enter the cup. The inside have gradings for 1/2 and 1 liter to help you dose right.


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